Aquablast Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting


Aquablaster Wet Abrasive System

Low Volume, Pressurised, Dustless, Wet Abrasive System.

Aquablaster offers major advantages over conventional dry blasting equipment:

  • Abrasive consumption is almost halved for no loss in productivity because mixing of the media is more controlled;
  • Pot is pressurised with water instead of air – abrasives are thoroughly water-wetted  increasing media density, velocity and hitting power;
  • Clean up time and abrasive disposal cost is massively reduced;
  • Dust is virtually completely eliminated;
  • Operators can work without air-fed hoods because there is no respiratory risk from sub 10 micron airborne particles;
  • Only limited “sheeting in” required in sensitive areas due to virtual absence of dust;
  • Aquablaster process uses only 2-3 litres/minute – very little water to clear up;
  • Very low wear on blast nozzles and blast hoses – slurry flow characteristics are much smoother than dry blast stream and blast lines are water-wetted providing lubricity;
  • Pot life considerably longer than dry blast pots;
  • Automatic removal of chlorides while normal anchor pattern is created.

Aquablaster has had great success as a “green” and cost-effective alternative to open dry abrasive blasting.

Picture: Aquablaster 200 litre with integrated compressor

Aquablaster Wet Abrasive System
The Aquablaster process

The Aquablaster Process

We manufacture a 100 litre and a 200 litre Aquablaster pot and control system with the option of integrating them with a compressor on a road-going trailer or a simple skid.  Pot life is typically more than twice as long as comparable dry blasting pots.

The system offers great flexibility on compressed air supply and nozzle selection.  Normal open grit blasting is usually carried out with 1/2inch (13mm) blast nozzles delivering 350 cfm (10 m3/min) compressed air through a 1.25 inch (30 mm) blast line at 100-150 psi (7-10 bar) pressure.

Picture: A tight squeeze but no dust, a smaller nozzle and hose for flexibility and good visibility make for a speedy result with Aquablaster

Aquablaster Applications

The Aquablaster system’s pressure and flow can be regulated very finely and therefore the unit is being widely used for stone cleaning; glass fibre and gel coat treatment on boats; furniture and wood treatment; and graffiti removal in addition to the more common rust and scale removal from steel.  

A wide range of abrasive media is available for differing applications such as recycled crushed glass; and synthetic abrasives as well as the most widely used such as garnet and olivine.

We can custom-assemble trailer mounted units to your specifications and colours if required and we offer free safety and maintenance training with all our products.

Picture: Vandals poured paint on this village sign but Aquablaster quickly brought the stonework back to its original condition

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Before Aquablaster
After Aquablaster

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