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Case Study – Superyacht Fairing

Aquablast’s UHP waterjets at over 50,000 psi (3,800 bar) have unique capabilities removing damaged fairing from steel superyacht hulls.  We have been contracted as a specialist on fairing treatment for some of the most famous and largest private superyachts in the world.

The exceptionally high velocity (> Mach 2) waterjet, flowing only eight litres per minute, is easily hand-held or can be carried on our ‘Octopus’ magnetically attached crawler.  The process is faster and cleaner than other method for fairing removal, including conventional UHP systems, which typically operate at around 40,000 psi (2,750 bar) or less.

Encapsulated superyacht with UHP 55,000 psi and wet abrasive blast equipment on location

Picture: Encapsulated superyacht with UHP 55,000 psi and wet abrasive blast equipment on location

Cracked or damaged fairing is milled off by rotating waterjets using no abrasives and creating no dust right to the bare metal, exposing the original blast profile.  Laborious grinding, scraping or chipping is totally eliminated and all chlorides are water-jetted out of the substrate, leaving the surface not only mechanically clean but chemically clean – salt-free – ready for primer application.  Aquablast UHP equipment is user-friendly both environmentally and in respect of the low reaction and low vibration features of the application tools.  Fully HAV (Hand Arm Vibration legislation) compliant, there are no restrictions placed on operator usage of Aquablast UHP hand-held lances, allowing full shifts to be worked.  Additionally, there is no requirement for air-fed blasting hoods because there is no dust.  Operators wear goggles and face visors which are much less cumbersome and restrictive, increasing user-friendliness and productivity, together with PPE specially developed for safe UHP water jetting.

Superyacht Palladium

Picture: Superyacht Palladium

In the absence of any abrasives, clean-up and disposal of arisings is vastly reduced saving both labour costs and transport costs to disposal sites.  The absence of dust and abrasives is a key factor, given the need for protection of the sumptuous interiors of superyachts.  Fresh water costs at the dock are also reduced because of the low demand of UHP waterjets.  Aquablast 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) equipment is easily transportable worldwide.

Effective heavy fairing removal by Aquablast UHP

Picture: Effective heavy fairing removal by Aquablast UHP

We work discreetly with superyacht management companies on these projects.  We are fully aware of the high profile created by these vessels, many of which can be chartered, and where the appearance of the entire vessel’s coating system can be a very sensitive issue.

Fairing removal by Aquablast UHP

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